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Re: Bug#517790: ITP: mydns -- DNS server using MySQL or PostgreSQL for data storage

First, I'm a perl programmer so TMTOWTDI is pretty ingrained into my culture.

I use mydns -- yi.org is based off of it, and I also use it as an easy way
to set up dynamic virtual hosts for automated builds on another project, in
conjunction with libapache2-mod-macro and mod_proxy on the frontend, and m4
to dynamically rewrite the port numbers of daemons in cdebootstrap-based
chroot environments on the backend (the way this project is set up, whenever
there is a new checkin into a subversion branch, we end up with a pristine
debian environment running the software...)

All these technologies are "redundant" -- why do we still have both
"debootstrap" and "cdebootstrap" anyway? -- why do we still have squid if
there's a mod_proxy? Why do we have libapache2-mod-macro if mod_perl or m4
can do all of that? Why do we even have PowerDNS *or* MyDNS now that
BIND-DLZ is part of the mainline?

Personally, I'm abandoning MyDNS in the mid-term as well, but if somebody
wants to keep packaging it up for debian, please don't discourage them.


Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> wrote:
> Having different programs to perform a task will decrease the portion of the 
> user-base that runs a given program and if a bug is found it will give some 
> degree of herd immunity.  But the down-side is that more programs means more 
> potential security flaws and spreading the time of people who want to fix 
> security problems (including the security team) across more targets.
> The range of software that is available also adds to the work that I have to 
> do in writing SE Linux policy. I am not complaining, merely noting a fact 
> about the development work.
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