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Re: the files in /etc/modprobe.d/

Thought this would be a good opportunity to remind y'all
about dh_installmodules(1), which can handle
modprobe.d files in addition to kernel modules. Most packages
shipping files in modprobe.d seem to generate the files via
echo statements in debian/rules, rather than using it.

dh_installmodules will handle renaming of the modprobe.d
files that it installs, in its next release. Including
conffile renaming on upgrade. So using it instead of those
echo statements will probably save you some pain.

Insert the typical winge here about dpkg conffile renaming code
being deployed via cut-n-paste from a wiki page instead of any
of our better technologies, such as a utility, with a man page,
in a single package.

see shy jo, who wishes he had his own fan newsgroup

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