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Piotrek's new preferred helper tool - (unfair) decision

[Piotr Ożarowski, 2009-02-18]
> [...] it's time however to decide which one will be my
> winner - I'll decide that in next weeks (maybe months, but it
> will happen sooner than later

Since nobody is interested in having the tools binary compatible[1]
(and, to be honest, I cared about opinion of two guys only: Matthias
voted "no" by not agreeing to use /usr/lib/pyshared and Joss expressed
his disapproval on #debian-python) - I choose python-support to be my
preferred tool (no, not the "winner", I only wanted to provoke you both
to make a consensus and thus not let me decide about anything).

I'm not saying one of them is better than the other (although I was more a
pycentral guy, Ana knows something about it[2]) - I'm saying I have more
influence on how the tool looks like (f.e. via reporting bugs) and changes are
more predictable in pysupport.

You can now prove me how wrong decision I made but... I don't care ;-P
I propose to file bugs against python-support instead (Joss will talk you to
death if it's not really a bug ;-)

Anyway, as promised: I will convert all my python-central based packages to
python-support soon, will *not* sponsor python-central based package anymore
(except packages for Lenny) - my FAQ is already updated, and will try to
convince other DDs to do the same.

PS while converting, remember to add to preinst something like these 3 lines:

| if [ "$1" = upgrade ] && dpkg --compare-versions "$2" lt 1.2.3-4; then
| 	pycentral pkgremove python-foo
| fi

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-python/2009/02/msg00099.html
[2] ups, I did it again, sorry Ana
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