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Re: xcdroast does no longer work with wodim: Who to blame?

On Tue, 03 Mar 2009, Russell Coker wrote:
> Bernd, I (with my DD or upstream developer hat on) understand your
> sentiment. But I also (with my consultant or end-user hat on) find
> it impossible to implement.

It's not that it's impossible to implement, it's just that the
resources that could implement it are being expended elsewhere.

If the deployers of the software don't have the resources to test the
software in their deployment, the unfortunate reality is that no one
else is likely to have the resources to test it either. A decision has
to be made to either expend the resources in testing before the
release, or expend resources in living with or fixing the bugs after
the release. Blaming others for the reality of that decision is
counter-productive, and wastes resources that could be better spent
testing for future releases or helping to get the bugs fixed.

Don Armstrong

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