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Re: xcdroast does no longer work with wodim: Who to blame?


i am the author of cdrskin and not subscribed here.
Please Cc me.

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> All they are SCSI and not a singel one is working with wodim.

Hm. What are the symptoms ?

William Pitcock wrote:
> > Or look into libburn + cdrskin, which should "just work"
Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Does not support the DVD's I need:
> - Burns to all single layer DVD types

That is a bit an outdated statement.
cdrskin-0.6.2 burns DVD+R DL and BD meanwhile.
DVD-R DL seem not widely in use and technically
unattractive. HD DVD is even more exotic.
I have directed my attention to BD-R and BD-RE.
Nice media. They only have to come down in price.

> There is NO support for DVD18 and DVD20 which  my  TraxData  and  Yamaha
> support.

Double sided dual layer DVDs. Wow, that's exotic.

Good news ist that they are not mentioned
in the MMC specs. This gives hope that they
can be handled like their vanilla cousins.
I assume they have a type like DVD-R or DVD+R ?

What do you get from this inquiry command ?
  cdrskin -v dev=... -atip | fgrep Current

> I need Disk-At-Once for the Teac CDR-55S but does cdrskin support it?

Yes. You get it if you use option -sao or if
you give no -tao and the size of the imput data
is predictable.

> And does it support burning of more then one CD/DVD at once?

Simultaneous operation of burners and/or readers
is no problem for cdrskin or other libburn programs.
It takes some effort not to spoil the burn runs
of simultaneous instances of itself.
(The system backbone needs to be strong enough
 so there appear no bottle necks, of course.)

>  have  not even found something that claim
> "libburn4" does support SCSI U320 Burner

It is not libburn which decides about the
usability of a certain cabling or controller.
If your Linux kernel supports it via ioctl(SG_IO)
then libburn can talk to it.
Since you report that cdrecord can talk to it on
Linux, libburn should be able too. We all use SG_IO
to send our commands.

Another obstacle might be if the drive is
so old that it does not comply to MMC-3 resp.
Any info available on that ?

Have a nice day :)


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