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Bug#508644: mass bugfiling (against 8 packages) and/or new package default-mta


On Sonntag, 1. März 2009, Carsten Hey wrote:
> In my opinion it is a way better practise to first update the policy and
> then adapt n packages instead of first change them in a way which is
> possibly against the policy and expect the policy to be updated
> accordingly.

There is nothing _against_ current policy in this proposal. Also it's current 
policy (AIUI) that policy is modeled after current best practice and not the 
other way around.

> > > With mere "provides:" (a virtual package), you'd have a version of
> > > both exim4 and exim5 that provides default-mta.

In unstable, yes, but where is the problem? And for testing and stable this 
MUST be avoided :-)


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