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mdadm+udev roadmap (was: RFH: mdadm packaging)

also sprach Dustin Kirkland <dustin.kirkland@gmail.com> [2009.03.01.1951 +0100]:
> Most of the Ubuntu diff is present due to our use of udev for device bringup.
> Is there roadmap for udev in Debian?

I think we are trying to minimise the diff with upstream, but you
probably want to know about the mdadm+udev roadmap.

I'd like to work with upstream to improve the whole situation about
md devices. Right now, we have to create a device to be able to
issue ioctl()s to configure the array. I'd prefer instead if mdadm
could write to /sys (or through another means), bring up devices,
which then appear to udev just like any other block device.


Until that's in place, I am happy to consider Ubuntu's approach, if
it is stable enough. I think we have standardised/enforced udev by
now so that we could go down that road.

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