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Re: Making some tags mandatory

Jörg Sommer <joerg@alea.gnuu.de> writes:

> Which tag should I choose if no tag matches?

If no existing tag is appropriate, then either the facet does not
apply to that package, or a new tag is required for that facet.

> Should you provide a tag ::other for each facet?

That suggests that the package is properly tagged that way; I don't
think that's true for any package. Instead, if a package needs a tag
that does not yet exist, that tag should be created.

The editing interface for debtags uses ‘foofacet::TODO’ (with the
description “Need an extra tag”) for this purpose. A package so
tagged needs a new tag in ‘foofacet’ to be created.

I don't know the mechanism by which ‘foofacet::TODO’ triggers creation
of a new tag, but the meaning is clearer at least.

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