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Re: xcdroast does no longer work with wodim: Who to blame?

Brett Parker <iDunno@sommitrealweird.co.uk> writes:

> On 26 Feb 15:47, Joerg Schilling wrote:
>> It seems that you are spreding FUD. Everybody who is interested in working
>> CD/DVD creating uses the original software. There are nearly 100 Bug Reports 
>> against the fork in the bug tracking systems from Debian, Ubuntu and Redhat, 
>> none of the reports applies to the original software.
> Interesting - so, in your (somewhat naive) opinion - the *only* cd
> burning software worth mentioning is your very own pet project... weird
> that you would be so biased on that isn't it?

No. He is saying that all the many Debian, Ubuntu and RedHat users
that use wodim and find and report bugs are not interested in creating
working CD/DVD. We obvisously only burn CD/DVD to be used as coasters
or they would be using the original software.

I've just added a set of Debian Lenny amd64 and i386 DVDs to my
coaster collection.

> Does this mean that you're also blissfully unaware of the cdskin and
> libburn projects? Apparently not everyone that is interesting in working
> CD/DVD creation wants to use your software - apparently not everyone in
> the world agrees with your view point. Now, kindly drop the FUD
> spreading that your software is the only working software in the world
> (there are plenty, for example, of free CD/DVD creation tools for the
> Windows operating system, I suppose you'll claim all of those are using
> your code? Yeah. Right.).
> I'm very interested in *working* CD/DVD creation, and I've been very
> happy with cdrkit - if you're telling me that the CDs/DVDs that I have
> created (and used) with wodim don't work, then I'm *amazed*!

They don't work. You didn't use them successfully. You didn't even
burn them as wodim is totaly broken. He told me the same about the
about 1000 dvds I've burned under Debian.

These are not the droids you are looking for. *hand wave*


PS: If I burn a Windows CD with wodim do I violate the copyright?
After all Schilli assured me it won't work so I can't be pirating,

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