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Re: Upcoming Section changes in the archive

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> We plan on changing the current sections in the archive. With the rapid
> growth of archive, many of them have become too big to be useful
> anymore. 


> The new sections are:
> localisations            Language packs

I'd prefer "localization".

- We use en_US in general -> "ize"
- Having the section name plural seems inconsistent with other sections.

> video
>                 dvd*

I wonder if packages like dvd+rw-tools*, dvdisaster or dvdrtools really 
belong in this category. Not all that's DVD is video related.
For example, dvd+rw-tools contains growisofs, which is used to create 
Debian CDs...

> httpd

Add boa.

> vcs

What about packages like libcvs-perl or libgit-ruby? Do they stay with the 
language or move to this new category?


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