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Re: Is the FHS dead ?

Theodore Tso dijo [Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 11:57:32PM -0500]:
> Well, realistically we didn't have very good participation from anyone
> other than one or two *BSD folks, and at the time some of the changes
> that were made for compatibility with *BSD (and, to be fair, to be
> closer to the rest of the Unix world) caused no small amount of
> controversy.
> Consider the following thread from debian-devel approximately 8 years
> ago (which was about the last time we had any *BSD participation):
> (...)
> And if it's not going to happen, we shouldn't try to set up
> expectations that we would try to change all of Linux just because a
> *BSD happened to have chosen a different pathname....

Interesting. And yes, illustrative of the historically (and, should I
add, ridiculous? No, I'd better not ;-) ) rivality between Linux and
the *BSDs, big egos included. 

However, Linux's position WRT the commercial Unixes has radically
shifted in the last decade. Linux is no longer considered a toy, and
is taken seriously into account. So, even with the big inertia that
might hamper more than one initiative, perhaps the FHS could be pushed
in collaboration with their respective companies? At least, I'd be
surprised if -say- the Solaris or HPUX people weren't open to
discussion leading to better interoperability.


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