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Re: ucf: Diversion of /u/b/ucf by etcgit

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         I think the correct thing for the wrapper to do is
>  a) change branch to the upstram_version_branch, and commit the new
>     upstream. 
>  b) Change back to the local branch
>  c) run ucf and let the user do their thing (replace, not replace, edit,
>     whatever). 
>  d) Commit the result to the local_changed_branch.

  I also think this would be a good think.

But perhaps, ucf can be improved to detect this situation (perhaps a new
option that etcgit add before calling the real ucf) and can propose a
new way to resolve the confict :
- use old conffile
- use new conffile
- see diff
- try experimental 3 way merge
- ...
- merge with etcgit  <- new option for the user

If selected, the new option will run a callback provided by etcgit
that will merge the corresponding branches with git.

  You will need to discuss between you to define properly the interfaces.
It is also possible to improve ucf to propose new generic ways of handling
merges (and perhaps storing the original file and the resulted file) just
by installing callback scripts.
  Then etcgit or other similar packages will be able to install their hooks
without messing with provides/conflicts/diversions/... of ucf


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