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ITP: z88 -- Finite Element Analysis Program

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Package name : z88
Version : 12.0.1
Upstream Author : Frank Rieg
URL : http://z88.uni-bayreuth.de/
License : GPL-2 or any later version
Description : Finite Element Analysis

Z88 is a fast, powerful and compact Finite Element Analysis Program. It
features 20 finite element types covering plane stress, plate bending,
axial symmetric structures and spacial structures up to 20-node
Serendipity hexahedrons. Z88 comes with a user-friendly interface, a
powerful mesh generator, a DXF-converter, two plot programs and, of
course, two powerful solvers. Import of COSMOS files from Pro/ENGINEER
and Pro/MECHANICA is supported.


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