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Old bug in ppmtofb is quite important

At the Mancoosi project (http://www.mancoosi.org), we've determined that this 
bug causes 1591 other packages not to be installable if ppmtofb is installed 
(and vice versa; ppmtofb is not installable if any of those 1591 packages are 

The explanation: since ppmtofb conflicts with any python version strictly 
higher than 2.4, any package that depends on python-2.4 will not be 
installable together with ppmtofb, hence the 1591 packages (a full list, with 
for every package the dependency path that links it to python is available at 
http://www.pps.jussieu.fr/~boender/ppmtofb_conflicts.txt ). 

To determine this, we've used a tool that finds strong conflicts in a 
distribution, i.e. pairs of packages that are installable separately, but not 
together under any circumstances. In this case, ppmtofb is installable, all 
the python packages are installable, but they can never be installed together.

The tool groups the conflicts by 'root conflict'; if two packages have a 
strong conflict, there is always a 'real' conflict that causes this; in our 
case, the conflict between python and ppmtofb. In this way, we can see that 
there are 1591 strong conflicts caused by the conflict between python and 

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