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Re: Python related changes for unstable/squeeze

[Josselin Mouette, 2009-02-18]
> Le mercredi 18 février 2009 à 01:20 +0100, Piotr Ożarowski a écrit :
> > > where is the advantage of having a /usr/lib/pyshared?
> > 
> > it's one of the "sacrifices" you'll have to make if you want
> > /usr/share/py{,3}shared to be used by other tool(s). I see no way to use
> > Python's official path in pysupport in its current design.
> > Sure, pysupport is not perfect. Using /var/ for bytecompiled stuff is
> > probably the worst of it's bugs, but maintainer is aware of this and
> > will most probably fix it during the move to
> > /usr/{share,lib}/py{,3}shared - and I have a reasons to believe that
> > he'll use this path if you decide to use /usr/lib/py{3,}shared (I'll
> > convince him, leave it to me ;)
> It seems that there is one thing you got wrong here. /usr/lib/pyshared
> will be for C extensions and data that varies from a Python version to
> another (like /usr/lib/python-support/$package currently). It is not the
> place where the symlinks and byte-compiled files will land after running
> the script.

that's exactly what I meant, /usr/lib/py{3,}shared will be equivalent of
/usr/share/py{,3}shared but for Python extensions, sorry if I sounded

> Actually, it’s just that the supported list in python-support is
> maintained separately from that of python-defaults. The reason is that
> the pyversions script cannot be reliably used from maintainer scripts.
> See #396840 for part of the explanation.

oh, w wishlist bug then maybe (to be able to add local version, like

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