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Re: Bug#515617: ITP: laby -- Laby is a small program to learn how to program with ants and spider webs.

On 16 Feb 16:15, Mehdi Dogguy wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
> Owner: Mehdi Dogguy <dogguy@pps.jussieu.fr>
> * Package name    : laby
>   Version         : 20080818
>   Upstream Author : Stéphane Gimenez <gimenez@pps.jussieu.fr>
> * URL             : http://www/~gimenez/enseignement.html

That's fine if you have pps.jussieu.fr as the first thing in your search
path, I, err, don't. So:

(Sounded like fun, looks fun... might have a look at some point :)

Brett Parker

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