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Re: AW: Bug#515130: ITP: unrealircd -- Unreal IRC Server


On Sat, 2009-02-14 at 12:50 +0100, Rondal wrote:
> Hi,
> > UnrealIRCd has many licensing and code-quality issues which would
> > block it's inclusion in a Debian release.
> I admit that the sourcecode is not of the highest quality, but I do not
> see where it will block inclusion into Debian. About the licensing issues
> I already said that their license is incompatible with the OpenSSL license
> but thats it.
> Please be a little bit more specific. If I missed something important
> within
> their license or code, I will gladly reconsider building this package.

Carsten Munk has specifically requested that UnrealIRCd not be included
in Debian, and will likely be hostile towards it's inclusion.

Secondly, UnrealIRCd uses OpenSSL for SSL support, and non DFSG-free
versions of the MD5 algorithm for hostcloaking. Both of these DFSG
violations would be required for inclusion into Debian, as they are also
a GPL license violation.

There is also questions concerning why you would want to package
something that has effectively a dead upstream, and many code flaws
which could result in security issues in the future.


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