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Re: Bug#515154: ITP: gitg -- git repository viewer for gtk+/GNOME

Tollef Fog Heen dijo [Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 06:42:37PM +0100]:
> | when i've had to do this in the past i think i did something like
> | <vers>~<YYYYMMDD>.git.<sha>.  this way you get lots of relevant info, the
> | fact that it's a prerelease of <vers>, the date the snapshot was taken,
> | the fact that it's a git snapshot, and the sha sum.   and of course it's
> | sortable.
> If you use $vers~$ymd.git.$sha or something like that, please do make
> sure the version number slightly bigger than zero.  Having version
> numbers that are positive and less than 0 sometimes breaks tools.

Given that I kept staring at your message thinking something just went
wrong, I suppose somebody else might fall in that logic trap: How can
something be "positive but not bigger than zero"? 0~20090215 is. Nice
math-breaking rules we had to introduce here :)

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