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Emdebian version strings and the BTS

if you start seeing bugs or getting email about your packages where the
version string ends in em[0-9], or where dependencies mentioned by
reportbug include such a version suffix, the user is running one of the
two Emdebian distributions released alongside lenny (and based on lenny
packages). You might also see Emdebian in the output of 'apt-cache
policy' if your bug reports request or supply such data.

If there is any doubt that the bug is present in Debian, please
immediately re-assign the bug to the buildd.emdebian.org pseudo-package
in the BTS.

A patch for reportbug is being tested. A large proportion of the
development work to actually get Emdebian to the point of two releases
only happened after the lenny freeze began. (Not the recent deep
freeze, the initial toolchain freeze before DebConf8). (reportbug
itself is not currently part of Emdebian for a variety of reasons.)

Emdebian only uses a small subset of Debian packages, so this
principally involves the core packages in Debian, GTK+2.0 and
dependencies, XFCE and GPE as well as a small number of applications
like iceweasel, sylpheed, xchat-gnome and grisbi.

Emdebian Grip 1.0 (lenny)

A small Debian-compatible Emdebian installation

Architectures: i386, amd64, powerpc, arm, armel, mips and mipsel

Emdebian Grip explicitly supports mixing Debian and Emdebian and that
is how a Debian package could end up depending on a package from
Emdebian Grip - this is not expected to be a problem because Grip
packages are binary-compatible with the Debian version, just with some
files removed from the package. (i.e. Grip is post-processed, not
recompiled.) Grip typically comes in at ~600Mb for a full XFCE desktop
and uses the Lenny debian-installer images. (Grip base system ~250Mb.)
I'm currently running Emdebian Grip on my Acer Aspire1.

More information: http://www.emdebian.org/grip/

Emdebian Crush 1.0 (lenny)

The smallest Emdebian installation - cross-built from Debian sources.

Architectures: arm only in 1.0 - more architectures (including
moving from arm to armel) to be in Squeeze.

Crush is the cross-built distribution from Emdebian - significant
functional changes exist compared to the Debian package, libraries have
been recompiled with options turned off and functionality removed etc.
and Crush has dropped support for python or perl, and uses a modified,
more recent version of busybox instead of coreutils. Crush is the
hardest distribution to install, maintain and update and requires
extensive customisation for particular machines with the benefit that
it is an ultimately flexible Debian where the base system (equivalent
to a debootstrap in Debian) can fit into 24Mb installed and a GPE GUI
in 75Mb. uClibc support is expected in Crush 2.0 (squeeze), allowing
sizes to shrink by another 10Mb or so. I'm currently running Emdebian
Crush on my balloon3.

More information: http://www.emdebian.org/crush/


Neil Williams

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