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Re: incapable and obsolete APT / Aptitude replacement

Le lundi 09 février 2009 à 19:39 +0100, kc.ubuntu.cz@centrum.cz a
écrit :
> This Debian aproach is great for servers, but not usefull for
> Desktops, where bleeding edge software and mixed repositories could be
> expected. 

Bullshit. On desktops as well as on servers, bleeding edge software will
only be useful for nerds who like to talk about hype, for others it just
means having untested software with everything it implies.

As for mixed repositories, the purpose of Debian is precisely to provide
the largest possible collection of software you could need in a single
repository. So maybe our needs are different from the ones you describe.

> That the real reason of bigy hype around Ubuntu Linux, which fill the
> hole for Debian Desktop. 

There is hype around Ubuntu because they have a great marketing model
that generates lots of hype.

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