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Re: incapable and obsolete APT / Aptitude replacement

On 02/09/2009 05:59 AM, kc.ubuntu.cz@centrum.cz wrote:
I would like to ask you a little bit controversal question. As a user I miss a package manager based on powerfull dependency solver. Using APT in DEB-based distributions, I can easilly create some kind of problem, APT is unable to solve. This is because the APT is the worst dependency solver almost ever invented. Proof can be found here:

If that's not incendiary...


As a SUSE user, I'm used to work with Zypper/Libzypp package managementm using SAT solver. Since Opensuse 11.0, Libzypp is the best, fastest and te most powerfool tool to solve dependenies ever used in Linux distribution.
[snip obvious flamage]

Smart is far more better and Zypper is the best. In addition, both SMART and Zypper has ability to manage repositories and keys, which APT is unable. (you have to dit souces.list manualy)

Then use SUSE, and be happy that you aren't using that P.O.S. Debian!!!!

Is there any chance to implement better solvers to APT/Aptitude, chagne them to multiplatform and far better SMART or porting the best Zypper tool from Opensuse?

Just an Idea....

Hogwash.  Your purpose is to start a flame war.

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