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Re: Dropping Freetype1

Hi Barry

2009/1/29 Barry deFreese <bdefreese@debian.org>:
> It's me again.
> Several month ago I was looking at removal of the freetype1 package.  There
> is only 1 rdepends/r-bdepends left, ttf2tex which is NPOASR.
> There seems to be some pushback on removing freetype1 (or at least
> freetype1-tools).  Now the freetype1 package is orphaned.  Do those of you
> that wish it to survive, want to take over maintenance of the package?  If
> not, I will likely be requesting removal.  It is currently not in testing.

As far as I am concerned, freetype1 can be safely removed because the
subfont definition files (.sfd) are now part of the TeXlive Debian
packages (in casu texlive-font-utils).

Best regards


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