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piuparts offline

Dear debian-devel: has anybody tried piuparts, pbuilder offline?

You see, often there is some package that I suspect is not
diaper-trained, leaving more than just say footprints in /var/log/
upon purge, or perhaps not cleaning back up the "Registry" (debconf), etc.

So I think: well there's this piuparts package that can test those

But my attempts with piuparts seem to show that it was made for people
with good network connections.

But then I say to myself: if, totally offline, I can apt-get (or
aptitude) install and purge some package X, then why can't I do
piuparts tests too offline?

Everything I need is there, in /var/lib/apt/lists and
/var/cache/apt/archives. (One hopes they could be mounted
(read-only!!) during any tests.)

Everything except instructions, that even Limited Edition Brain me can
follow, see the Cc'd bugs. Thanks.

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