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Re: Release Candidate 2 of Debian Installer

* Andrew Deason:

> I believe this still doesn't solve the problem in the case of lilo.conf
> or grub's device.map, when specifying e.g. where to write the MBR. Is
> there any way around that?

The boot loaders would obviously have to scan for UUIDs, which carries
its own risks (like lockup during boot because the wrong device is
touched).  If the expected location is checked first, this could be
minimized, though.

>> However I am not sure if that has some drawbacks as well:
>> - for uuid the system is less forgiving if you swap disks
>> - for label the system is less forgiving if you bring in temp. new
>> disks
> Label names could be generated to minimize collisions.  Something like
> ${hostname}-/ instead of /, or maybe something even more specific.

The host name is often "debian" at installation time, so I doubt this
would work.

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