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Re: The evil build methods of thy libev

Maximilian Gaß dijo [Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 10:15:43AM +0100]:
> Hi developers,
> I am a non-DD member of the Debian Perl Group. In the process of packaging the
> libev-perl package, an event loop for Perl, I stumbled upon the fact that it
> does not link against libev as a shared object, but instead builds it into its
> own binary.
> libev has a "feature" that allows you to build it differently - changing some
> structs to add customized fields - via a #define. Essentially, every included
> libev is different than the other ones, therefore you can't simply get rid of
> this by switching to dynamic linking.
> (...)

Humh... This seems somewhat similar to the situation we faced ~1 year
ago which led to not being able to package libmath-pari-perl and
libnet-ssh-perl-perl (yes, that's the name). For further details,
please see #439339, #440527. I exchanged some private mails with Ilya
Zakharevich and with Bill Alombert in this regard (I might still have
them somewhere, if you want to see any further reasoning)... Sadly,
the only answer was to withdraw the ITPs and forget about the issue

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