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Re: The evil build methods of thy libev

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 10:15:43AM +0100, Maximilian Gaß wrote:

> I e-mailed upstream about this, but he basically considers this a feature
> and, remembering of the OpenSSL fiasco, warned not to fiddle in upstream
> code.

Wow, nice upstream.  Maybe you should reconsider whether this code belongs
in Debian at all; we have enough hostile upstreams without seeking them out.

> As per Policy 3.8.0, packages should not include copies of other packages.
> I think the best way would be to fix the library and provide another way
> to include additional fields into its data structures, using the classic
> approach of a pointer to userdata. However, that would require us to patch
> any application using libev this way.

However, there are zero packages in Debian that use libev.  So I think this
is the correct solution - first fix the libev package (in cooperation with
upstream) to not require build-time customization, then work with the
upstreams of packages currently embedding libev to support building against
the shared version.

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