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New package: gpgtools


I packaged gpgdir:

Description: recursive directory encryption tool using GnuPG
 Gpgdir encrypts or decrypts every file in a directory, and by default
 also recursively descends through any subdirectories, processing their
 contents (but leaving out hidden files and directories).
 Other features include the ability to invoke "wipe" for secure file
 deletion, and the ability to obfuscate the original filenames within
 encrypted directories.

and Jari Aalto gpgwrap:

Description: a passphrase wrapper for GNU privacy guard (gpg)
 Communicate with gpg by passing passphrase in 4 ways: as file path,
 whereas the passphrase is stored as plain text in the file, through
 pipe from another program to the stdin of gpgwrap, through the
 GPGWRAP_PASSPHRASE environment variable or by gpgwrap prompting for

Both of them were rejected due to their tiny size. I am ok with that :)

Thus gpgtools was suggested, a collection of gpg helpers which bundles,
right now, only both gpgdir and gpgwrap.

Does anyone see any objection with this new package, have a better name?
As we have the *signing party*, I do not want to make too much mess.
I think gpgtools is a good idea since the rejected packages does not fit
very well in signing party.

Any comments?


Franck Joncourt
http://debian.org - http://smhteam.info/wiki/

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