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Re: Modifying debian/changelog entries

* Noah Slater [Mon, 19 Jan 2009 22:35:02 +0000]:

> > > Sure. Doing so satisfies my OCD need for consistency though. Heh
> > > heh.

> > Surely consistency would argue *against* changing the historical
> > record? When those releases were made, the email address was as
> > recorded at the time. That it changed later should not alter the
> > existing factual record on earlier entries. No?

> Well, I guess it depends what your personal æsthetic is.

> I like per-file consistency over (arguably unimportant) historical
> correctness.

Do you use version control systems? (Particularly any of the ones that
store your email address at the time of the commit.) You can't go
updating your address in old commits, and IMHO the changelog should be
treated just the same if possible.

OTOH, OCD (which was mentioned in the discussion -- not sure if just
semi-seriously, which would be unfortunate) is different from aesthetics
as far as I'm concerned.

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