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Hosting the Debian/kCygwin port?

Hey lists,

I'm working on a project porting the Debian tools to Cygwin. Currently, my plan is to: - Provide some required patches to the Cygwin team, for example to allow a file in use to be removed or modified, since this is required for dpkg - Re-compile all packages and patches currently available for Cygwin into a Debian .deb - Provide either a way to bootstrap Debian onto an existing Cygwin installation, or provide installers for a pure Debian/kCygwin installation.

Now I'm wondering where to host this project. I've been thinking about three locations: Sourceforge, Debian or Cygwin. I've filed a project takeover request for Sourceforge, but the original project admin seems to work against me a little and it doesn't seem "fit" to release there.

Since the largest part of the project would be the packages in their new Debian source and binary forms, I at least need an apt repository. The Debian project already has the structure for that, but the Cygwin packages are different from their Debian counterparts (think patches), and I'm not sure how that happens with other ports. debian-devel, is this a problem?

Also, I don't know if the Cygwin team may be willing to host this project. They have their own packages and manager, and may not be willing to host this alternative, even if it works great in a few weeks time. Cygwin list, what do you think?


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