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Re: RfD: Version conflicts when updating Drupal in Debian

Hi Ingo,

Il giorno 08/gen/09, alle ore 12:11, Ingo Jürgensmann ha scritto:
Unfortunately Debians packaging is lagging behind. No, I don't want to blame the maintainer, who is doing a good job anyway. The problem is a different
versioning between Drupal upstream and Debian packaging.

For example the drupal6 package is version 6.6-1.1 while the problem which
lead to 6.6-1.1 was fixed in upstream version 6.7.

Debian has a strict policy regarding packages freezed for a stable release: no new upstream version can be added once the archive has been freezed, while small changes can be applied via patches to packages currently in the archive. This is the reason why the security patch released in 6.7 has been integrated in drupal6_6.6-1.1. Obviously package version has not changed and will not change in future security release.

So, how can this be solved so that our users are not irritated everytime
they visit their own Drupal sites?

Since drupal has is own check for upstream version and debian is commited to provide security patches for the lenny support life time, the best way to handle this issue is disable the new upstream check in debian packages. This will lead to a stable package with drupal 6.6 + all security patches, which will be almost 'up to date' for some months (at least until drupal 7).

Can you please file a bug for this issue in debian BTS?



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