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Re: RfD: Version conflicts when updating Drupal in Debian

Ingo Jürgensmann <ij <at> 2008.bluespice.org> writes:
> For example the drupal6 package is version 6.6-1.1 while the problem which
> lead to 6.6-1.1 was fixed in upstream version 6.7. 
> [...] the user/admin is now informed about (security) updates
> of installed modules, which is a good thing for security as well. 
> So, how can this be solved so that our users are not irritated everytime
> they visit their own Drupal sites?

1. patch debian's drupal so it thinks it is "equivalent to 6.7" in the above

2. patch debian's drupal to disable the check of debian-packaged drupal modules
(maybe through debconf option?);

3. something else.

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