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Re: Override changes: LSB Commands and Utilities

On Tue, 2008-12-30 at 13:34 +0100, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Hi
> after some discussion within the ftpteam we just modified a few override
> entries (15 to be exact). The following packages moved from standard to
> optional:

I have had a look at the "LSB Core" specification version 3.2. The
section "Commands and Utilities" states that:
> [..]An LSB conforming implementation shall provide the commands and
> utilities[..]:
> ar, at, awk, basename, batch, bc, cat, chfn, chgrp, chmod, chown,
> chsh, cksum, cmp, col, comm, cp, cpio, crontab, csplit, cut, date, dd,
> df, diff, dirname, dmesg, du, echo, ed, egrep, env, expand, expr,
> false, fgrep, file, find, fold, fuser, gencat, getconf, gettext, grep,
> groupadd, groupdel, groupmod, groups, gunzip, gzip, head, hostname,
> iconv, id, install, install_initd, ipcrm, ipcs, join, kill, killall,
> liTies, ln, locale, localedef, logger, logname, lp, lpr, ls,
> lsb_release, m4, mailx, make, man, md5sum, mkdir, mkfifo, mknod,
> mktemp, more, mount, msgfmt, mv, newgrp, nice, nl, nohup, od, passwd,
> paste, patch, pathchk, pax, pidof, pr, printf, ps, pwd, remove_initd,
> renice, rm, rmdir, sed, sendmail, sh, shutdown, sleep, sort, split,
> strip, stty, su, sync, tail, tar, tee, test, time, touch, tr, true,
> tsort, tty, umount, uname, unexpand, uniq, useradd, userdel, usermod,
> wc, xargs, zcat

Most of them are already provided by standard/important/required
at              standard 
bash            required 
bc              standard 
bsd-mailx       standard 
bsdmainutils    important
bsdutils        required 
coreutils       required 
cpio            important
cron            important
diff            required 
ed              important
exim4           standard
file            standard 
findutils       required 
mawk            required
gettext-base    standard 
grep            required 
gzip            required 
hostname        required 
libc6           required 
login           required 
m4              standard 
man-db          important
mktemp          required 
mount           required 
passwd          required 
patch           standard 
procps          required 
sed             required 
sysvinit        required
sysvinit-utils  required
time            standard
tar             required 
util-linux      required 

But the following packages/commands have lower priority... 

binutils        optional
 * binaries: ar, strip
 * Depends: No new Dependencies.
 * Size: 2686k/7717k

cups-bsd        extra
cups-client     optional
 * binaries: lp, lpr
 * Depends: cups-common, libcups2, libcupsimage2, libjpeg62, 
            libpng12-0, libtiff4
 * Size: 115+164+166+86+169+1175+37 = 1912k
 * InstalledSize: 393+426+295+168+369+5460+168 = 7279k

gettext         optional
 * binaries: msgfmt
 * Depends: libgomp1
 * Size (.deb/installed) => 2672k+14k / 7274k+62k
 => Postpone in Squeeze: move the binary msgfmt to gettext-base?

psmisc          optional
 * binaries: fuser, killall
 * Depends: No new Dependencies.
 * Size (.deb/installed) => 85k/504k

libc6-dev       optional 
 * binaries: gencat
 * Depends: linux-libc-dev
 * Size (.deb/installed) =>3377k+756k/13.3M+3957k

lsb-release     extra
 * binary: lsb_release
 * Depends: No new Dependencies.
 * Size (.deb/installed) =>20k/90k

make            optional 
 * binary: make
 * Depends: No new Dependencies.
 * Size (.deb/installed) =>382k/992k

pax             optional
 * binary: pax
 * Depends: No new Dependencies.
 * Size (.deb/installed) => 52k/147k

 * Not is Debian so it's another story.

So, none of the important core commands are missing(!)
lsb-release, psmisc and pax could be candidate could be upgraded to
standard (IMHO).

Happy new year,



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