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Note on bugs filed on source packages

Some of you have noticed that the BTS's handling of bugs against
source packages has changed slightly, and is still changing.

The gist of the change is that internally, bugs assigned to source
packages will be indicated by prefixing the package name with 'src:'.
That is, if the bug is assigned to the source package foo, the bug
will actually be assigned to src:foo. This will (eventually) happen
automatically if you go Source: foo in messages to submit@; or
manually if you go reassign nnn src:foo.

This change is needed to handle properly cases where (for example)
source sm produces binary 'r-cran-sm', and the source 'screen-message'
produces the binary 'sm'.

When the rest of the code to support this change is written and an
adequate amount of time has passed to allow existing bugs to be
reassigned, searching for src=foo will only pull up bugs in the binary
packages that foo makes and src:foo. As a temporary measure, I've also
included bugs assigned to the foo package if there is no corresponding
binary package by that name.

When everything is slightly more complete, I'll be making an
announcement to -announce about these changes.

Don Armstrong

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