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Re: Results for General Resolution: Lenny and resolving DFSG violations

On Sun, Dec 28, 2008 at 08:45:16PM -0500, Theodore Tso wrote:
> If there was a GR which chainged the Debian Social contract which
> relaxed the first clause to only include __software__ running on the
> Host CPU, I would enthusiastically vote for such a measure.

I doubt that this a usable definition.

Do you think that the provision that a program is pushed into another
generic purpose cpu should always make them free? An imaginal system can
include several CPU types:
- Host CPU (lets say the Power cores of a Cell processor)
- Slave CPU (the SPUs of a Cell processor, different instruction set
  and ABI then the host)
- GPU (current NVidia and ATI chips can be filled with rather generic
  programs to do vector operations)
- device driving CPU (e.g. the MIPS cores of a broadcom network chip)

Only the last ones are usualy filed by the OS with a firmware and then


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