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Upgrade Pre-Report and Wireless Documentation


I was testing my USB WLAN stick on a lenny system

blackbox:~# lsusb |grep Link
Bus 008 Device 002: ID 2001:3c00 D-Link Corp. [hex] DWL-G122 802.11g rev. B1 

It was running flawless on an etch laptop. The intention was to avoid having 
an upgraded lenny laptop without wireless. I will send in an upgrade report 
to help to make lenny even better :-) [footnote: I was wondering if the 
debian-release list is the right place or if a bug report against 
upgrade-reports is appropriate for an upgrade-report.]

Getting the WLAN stick running was not smooth (and it still does not yet work 
in my wpa wireless network). But this is a different issue:


While going through the wireless setup for the stick, I noticed, that I am 
pretty lost, when it comes to the wireless configuration 
in /etc/network/interfaces.The interfaces(5) man page points to 

	iwconfig(8) and wireless(7)

The wireless manpage and /usr/share/doc/wireless-tools/DISTRIBUTIONS.txt.gz 
refer to Debian 3.0 (or later), I was wondering if this information is 

The wpa-* statements in /etc/network/interfaces guided me to to wpa_supplicant 
which comes with good documentation in /usr/share/doc/wpasupplicant/. Does 
that mean that the wireless pointer in interfaces(5) is incomplete?

I am wondering if there is documentation for the wireless setup 
in /etc/network/interfaces to get started for an inexperienced wireless user 
like me and I just did not find the getting started document.

If not, I am wondering if it is worth to add a reference into the interfaces 
man page to wpasupplicant and add a paragraph what the wireless-tools and 
what wpasupplicant is used for. 

I am also frequently looking for example configurations for the most common 
setups (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc...), but I did not find these either. But I 
cannot tell if these would cover a subset of APs that this would be 

I cc'ed Anthony, because he is maintainer of the ifupdown package which 
contains the interfaces manpage...


Rainer Dorsch
Lärchenstr. 6
D-72135 Dettenhausen
email: rdorsch@web.de
jabber: rdorsch@jabber.org
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