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Re: Is The number of stable users dropping fast?

In article <[🔎] 20081223203134.GH28542@tamay-dogan.net> you wrote:
> From: popcon@tp570.private.xxxxx-xxxxx.net

> which is probably correct and since I am sending THIS message  over  the
> same relay  <mail.private.tamay-dogan.net>  I  know,  my  Mailserver  is
> working.

You could try to set a different official sender address without the
internal domain.

> It seems, courier-mta is trying to deliver the  messages  several  hours
> without success and then it is working, but I do not know...

I dont know about courier, with exim i can easyly see the delivery to my
upstream relay. If it takes longer for your gateway to deliver it, you
should see an error message?


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