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Re: automated test

On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 6:58 PM, Илья Ауров <ilya_aurov@mail.ru> wrote:

> Hello! I am working in group which trying to make new linux disturb based on debian, it's oriented on Russian users and x64 architecture.

I would like to suggest that you join Debian and make the changes
required for Russian/amd64 users within Debian rather than outside it,
this way your work will benefit more users - people running Debian or
Ubuntu or one of the myriad Debian derivatives.

> I am interested in what type of automated test do you use after installing "test version" on pc or virtual machine? Do you make testing of libraries, binaries, network programs?

Mainly we rely on users to test things and report bugs. Some packages
include automated test suites in the build process. In the past there
have been some moves towards automated post-install testing, you might
want to search the archives of the debian-qa and debian-devel lists
for information about that.



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