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Re: I hereby resign as secretary

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 08:44:11AM -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>Hi folks,
>        I am hereby resigning as secretary, effective immediately. I was
> planning on leaving the office soon, anyway, but I had a rewrite of
> Devotee underway, which would have made the software more useful for
> different people (different checks --LDAP.gpg. and others), and allowed
> Devotee to be packaged as essentially a perl library, with vote
> protocols being perl scripts (debian-vote --config gr_lenny.cfg). But
> that is no longer a compelling reason to stay on.

Thank you. I (along with many others, I know) appreciate your efforts
over many years of work as Project Secretary. But now it's time to
pass that torch on to somebody else.

>        As to the people who emailed me that they are putting together a
> petition for the DAM to have me removed from the project, I hear you
> too. I am going to spend the next few days evaluating how important the
> project is to me, and whether I should save you the bother or an
> expulsion process.

:-( While we may have had disagreements about votes very recently, I
sincerely hope that you will decide to continue within the project as
a whole. I think any suggestion of an expulsion is utterly absurd. I
hope that you will carry on with your work in other parts of Debian
where you have made valuable contributions over the years, but of
course that's your decision to make.

Go, take some time off in peace and work out what you want to do in

Steve McIntyre, Debian Project Leader <leader@debian.org>

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