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Re: problems with the concept of unstable -> testing

Le Monday 15 December 2008 23:19:55 Bastian Venthur, vous avez écrit :
> > Note that forking+stable'izing Sid is what Ubuntu does every six months.
> Is that important? Unstable is frozen for nearly 1/2 year now, that's a
> problem we should try to solve if we don't want to degrade ourselves to
> a server-only distribution.

You can't get both recent *and* stabilized software. For a solid release to be 
done, one needs to hold new improvements for a while.

I am proud that we can take this time freely from any commercial constraints. 
The main problem is that this needs to be explained to users. Most likely, 
people want both recent versions and stability, which is just impossible.
(and yes, these sort of issues happen in Ubuntu).

Besides, I don't see the polemic with this "upload to unstable or 
experimental" issue. I get the impression that some developpers confuse their 
own comfort with the interest of the distribution somehow.


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