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Re: problems with the concept of unstable -> testing

Hi Russell

> If I upload a significantly newer version to unstable (which I would like
> to do for some of my packages as part of ongoing development that will lead
> to Lenny+1) then AKAIK there is no way to put a minor update in Lenny
> (unless I was to use an epoch change which would be horrible and might
> require changes to several other packages).
You can upload to testing-proposed-updates (testing in the changelog will work 
too). Then the package will be autobuild on the archs and released into 
testing by the release team. Nonetheless, it should be discussed with the 
release team first, if such an upload is desired.

The same goes for security. There is testing-security, which is accepted on 
security.debian.org. Once it is released there as a DTSA, the packages will 
be copied to ftp-master and then go into the testing-proposed-updates queue 
and eventually end up in testing. (Of course it should be coordinated with 
the security team to avoid confusion, broken uploads and duplicated work :))

Is that what you were after?


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