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Problem with bts2ldap and therefore bts.turmzimmer.net ?

The graph on the Unofficial RC bugs count page has been flat for 7 days:

Various comments have appeared that bugs have been fixed but still show
up on the page:
[FREEZE] Package: gcx (extra; Riccardo Stagni) [gcx/0.9.11-4 ; =]
[add/edit comment] 09-Dec-2008: Eddy Petrișor: package already in lenny
507667 [           ] Segfaults on amd64
[FROZEN] Package: iceape (optional; Maintainers of Mozilla-related
packages et al.) [iceape/1.1.13-1 ; =] [add/edit comment] 09-Dec-2008:
Didier Raboud: -done in the BTS. Why still appearing here ? 505565
[     S     ] Mozilla SeaMonkey Multiple Vulnerabilities

The ldap query string mentioned on bts.turmzimmer.net provides a way to
query the data behind the page and this sheds some light on the
problem, e.g.:

$ ldapsearch -p 10101 -h bts2ldap.debian.net -x -b
dc=current,dc=bugs,dc=debian,dc=org '(&(debbugsSourcePackage=mb2md)(!


# 507465, current.bugs.debian.org
dn: cn=507465,dc=current,dc=bugs,dc=debian,dc=org
objectClass: debbugsBug
debbugsID: 507465
debbugsSubmitter: Grant Taylor <gtaylor+debianbts@picante.com>
debbugsDate: 1228149361
debbugsPackage: mb2md
debbugsSourcePackage: mb2md
debbugsSeverity: grave
debbugsState: open
debbugsTag: patch
debbugsTitle: mb2md often misses message boundaries in mbox files
debbugsAffected: testing
debbugsAffected: unstable
debbugsAffected: stable

Note - severity grave.

However, the SOAP interface disagrees, as does bts.debian.org:

$ bts status 507465
bug_num	507465
source	unknown
found_versions	mb2md/3.20-2
date	1228149361
found	mb2md/3.20-2 => 
keywords	patch
msgid	<20081201163256.4037.66317.reportbug@habanero.picante.com>
id	507465
severity	wishlist
location	db-h
log_modified	1228668663
originator	Grant Taylor <gtaylor+debianbts@picante.com>
subject	mb2md: Please provide an option to tweak mail separation
detection. pending	pending
package	mb2md
tags	patch


Severity: wishlist.

I've tried to contact Andreas Barth with no reply as yet. (CC'd)

Other ways of getting an accurate list of RC bugs that affect both
lenny and unstable?


Neil Williams

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