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Misunderstand in debian/rules script

Hello, all.
I have a little problem while building a package - it uses two systems
for building - cmake in the main package dir and qmake in one
I have in my debian/rules file the following strings:
#QUOTE begin
build: build-stamp
        cmake .
        dh build
        convert -resize 32x32 \
            icons/program_64.png icons/program.xpm
        cd plugins/icq
        qmake-qt4 icq.pro
        cd ../..
        touch $@
#QUOTE end

It normally builds the main part, but fails on the subdir building
with the "Cannot find file: icq.pro" error.
`pwd` outputs `/home/myhome/worskspace/package`, so I think that it
simply returns to the main dir after each command execution.
I haven't found any mention about that in Debian Developer's Reference
and don't know how to fix that problem, so I have to ask your help.

Best wishes,
Velichko Vsevolod

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