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Packages-arch-specific maintainance changes

Dear developers,

we, the wanna-build admins, made the switch and put Packages-arch-specific,
the file which states what packages are excluded from which architectures,
into our hands.  This means that the submission rules for changes to this
precious file that controls our building infrastructure change a bit:

Please submit additions, corrections and removals as bugs against
buildd.debian.org to the Debian bug tracking system.  Comments about
specific bits and inquiries not fitting the criteria above may
also be sent to `packages-arch-specific@buildd.debian.org'.

The new canonical location of the file will be [0], with branches for
each release as found on [1].  The git repository is available on [2].
We will establish a mirror on git.debian.org to use their gitweb
frontend as soon as possible and offer a link in [2]'s base directory.
Commit mails will be sent to `debian-dak@lists.debian.org' like they were

Scripts that use anonymous CVS checkouts should not break, neither should
scripts that use the old web location (which remained the same), but former
should be converted as soon as possible.

I thank Adam Conrad, LaMont Jones and James Troup for their past work
in maintaining this file.  This change was also communicated with two
known downstream users of the file: Ubuntu and debian-ports.  Should
there be more, it would be nice if a contact could be established
with the above mentioned mail address.

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern
on behalf of wbadm

[0] http://buildd.debian.org/quinn-diff/Packages-arch-specific
[1] http://buildd.debian.org/quinn-diff/
[2] http://buildd.debian.org/git/packages-arch-specific.git
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