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Re: Can we help the release by proposing package removals?

Quoting Charles Plessy (plessy@debian.org):

> Would it help the release team if people who want to help would file properly
> argumented requests of removal for such packages? This would clear the RC radar
> and focus energy on the packages without which Debian can not consider
> releasing.

Indeed, such removal request have already been suggested in some of
the RC-buggy packages (hint: verlihub).

So, the point is more or less finding an agreement about the right
process to get such removals done. Of course, the technical process is
well known and needs no enhancement but the point is more being sure
about who should do this and when.

I'm fairly sure that the release team will file removal requests when
they feel like time has come to get rid of the old dust....but how
could that process be made more efficient (or fast). We all lose lot
of valuable time by going through all these RC bugs where the only
solution is the package removal.

IMHO, nothing really prevents you to file a removal request anyway and
nobody would virtually kill you for this..:-)

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