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Re: Popular packages in Ubuntu that is missing in Debian/main

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Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> But anyway, and knowing this is not an Ubuntu list... Does anybody
> know why on Earth is Acroread popular? Why isn't a PDF regularly
> handled in a saner way with Evince (or kde-based lookalike) in some
> distributions?

Zillions of websites promote acroread via links and thumbnails. I've yet
failed to find a site with a pdf and that 'download envince|kpdf|okular
for free' button. Don't forget that many people use an inferior OS just
out of convenience/marketing/whatever.

Support for comments, forms and better rendering have also been rather
recent additions of okular et al. At least up to the release of etch,
acroread was just better in many ways.

DRM has been mentioned before. FWIW, the German system of academic
inter-library loan has recently started to ship pdfs with additional DRM
meant to allow only two printouts of the pdf and invalidating the pdf
after 30 days. (The pdf requires a proprietary plugin within acroread,
IMHO has some serious security flaws, e.g. crashing on amd64, but what
could I do? ).


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