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Need news for DeveloperNews


it's been a long time since I have been able to send out the last issue of
"Misc devel news". I would like all developers to (regularly) make the
effort to share some words about the cool stuff they are doing or are
planning to do so that we can have something at least twice a month or so.
The bar is not very high, I need 5 news and they can be as short as one

You can also use the DeveloperNews to post call for helps. 

Random ideas of stuff that would be (IMO) ok but that nobody has added
- packages.debian.org web interface runs on two hosts (round-robin DNS)
- ftpmasters accept AGPL 3.0 in main
- switch to mono 2.0 in preparation
- important changes to debian-cd, hence tester needed
- security team meeting results
- lintian 2.X important changes 
- any nice new devscripts tool (or important improvement)
- any important stuff that goes on in your team

Basically when you post an important announce on a dedicated list, it can
make sense to write a paragraph in DeveloperNews and point to that

I currently need 2 news: http://wiki.debian.org/DeveloperNews

Raphaël Hertzog

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