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Re: Popular packages in Ubuntu that is missing in Debian/main

Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Does anybody
> know why on Earth is Acroread popular?

There are some features that are present in e.g. evince, but are,
arguable though, more 'advanced' implemented in adobe reader (e.g.
better zooming capabilities as alreayd someone said).

however, there are two 'features' that are atm completely specific to
adobe reader: CMYK support and support of displaying certain DRM locked
ebooks and such, that do dynamically 'reload' pages from sub-files (many
computer magazine archive cds do that).

I think most people that use adobe reader use it because they just
*think* it is the better reader, which it is in most cases not. or
because they don't know that with mozplugger, you can use evince to
behave like adobes pdf plugin.


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