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Re: [php-maint] Bug#341420: marked as done (code in exts/dbase is not DFSG-free)

On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 03:29:14PM +0000, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> > >   * Non-maintainer upload.
> > >   * Remove exts/dbase from orig tarball (Closes: #341420)

> > Do you mind at least contacting the maintainers?

> > I find your upload very impolite.

> php5 had an RC bug open with an obvious fix available for 3 weeks.  The
> fix was to remove code that was not even being built, so it was
> low-risk.  Why exactly should I have hesitated to NMU?

devref 5.11.1., "How to do a NMU"? :

  NMUs which fix important, serious or higher severity bugs are
  encouraged and accepted. You should endeavor to reach the
  current maintainer of the package; they might be just about to
  upload a fix for the problem, or have a better solution.


  At times, the release manager or an organized group of
  developers can announce a certain period of time in which the
  NMU rules are relaxed. This usually involves shortening the
  period during which one is to wait before uploading the fixes,
  and shortening the DELAYED period. It is important to notice
  that even in these so-called bug squashing party times, the
  NMU'er has to file bugs and contact the developer first, and act

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