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Re: qmail and related packages in NEW

* Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> [2008-11-29 13:22]:
> >> It isn't just about choosing not to install it, it causes work for the
> >> various teams in Debian - security, release, QA.=20
> > We've discussed this at the Security Team meeting in Essen and we don't
> > have a problem with qmail being included in Lenny.
> Are you aware that qmail and its related packages do have a LOT of code
> duplication?

No. What I see is a lot of reimplemented stuff but not an 
embedded code copy (just had a quick look) which should be 
no problem from my point of view.

> Someone tried to reinvent a libc or something, and just
> copies it into every package. One bug means fixing all 
> those packages at once.

Can you point me to source code? For the reimplemented stuff 
I see no problem, unless its a logical bug this doesn't 

> And AFAIK thats something the security teams do not like. At least didnt
> in the past.

Well at least this was also not a reason to delete a package 
from the archive so far.

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