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Re: call for seconds: on firmware

On Sun, Nov 16 2008, Adeodato Simó wrote:

> * Manoj Srivastava [Sat, 15 Nov 2008 17:38:56 -0600]:
>>         That does not seem to make sense. Either you have
>>   'none of this non-free crap in the archive ever'
>>       or you have
>>   'the release team downgrades these bugs and includes non-free crap'
>>         Not both.
>>         Which is why they are on the same ballot.
> How does one vote, "I want the Release Team to have freedom to use
> <suite>-ignore tags, plus I want to allow firmware in main independently
> of what the Release Team thinks"?

        At this point, I think we should decide about Lenny. So the vote
 should be to allow firmware in main. We can then have another vote just
 about changing the SC to allow the rlease team to make Debian non-free
 when they so decide, separately.

        If you think such an option should be on the current ballot,
 please propose one, and call for seconds.

        So I suppose this is me saying there could be multiple votes, if
 sponsors so desire, but the release lenny vote has all the options on
 the ballot, since releasing Lenny can happen via any of these

> How does one vote, "I want the Release Team to have freedom to use
> <suite>-ignore tags, plus I want Lenny not to be blocked by firmware
> issues even if the Release teams changes their mind and remove the
> lenny-ignore tags"?

        So currently vote for what you want to happen for Lenny.  We can
 have a different vote about changing the SC and the constitution later.

        I think we can be reasonably sure that the current spate of
 discussions is about releasing Lenny. For this action, any of the
 ballot options will have a distinct decision; and the ballot should
 have _all_ the possible courses of action for that decision.

        If, later, people want to try out changes to the
 SC/constitution, they can have their separate vote.  Since we are in a
 hurry to release Lenny, the "what to do with Lenny" vote comes
 first. I'll be happy to run independent votes on any issue after that
 decision has been taken.

        I also think that the Lenny release hanging over our heads is
 tainting the discussion of the other options, but that is just my
 personal opinion.

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